Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Adda: The Last Resort

We need some break, silence and pause in our busy life. Need to spend time with friends. Adda (bangla word for gossiping) is dedicated to my friends who love, adore and promote adda. We are here to spend quality time together in Adda's blog. I welcome you to come and stop by. I'd like to express my thoughts that I face and deal with every day right here.

We are bonded with a common thread of friendship and we share wonderful memories at Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Life has put us in different places, time has changed our appearance?? and perspectives, but it has not taken away our lust for adda (gossiping). Welcome to Adda. Adda is right here to escape from busy days, terrible traffic jams and last hundreds things to do. It's my monologue, my independent thought that I want to share with my fellow friends. Can it be our last resort for fun and virtual refreshments? May be, most likely not. Who cares....?

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