Monday, October 31, 2005

Victory of Humanity at Disaster

Massive earthquake in Pakistan has again shown people’s helplessness and vulnerability to natural disaster. We see immense loss, grief, immeasurable suffering and anguish. We see how the humanity comes together to reach and help. We see human sacrifice and assistance redefine altruism. Humanity wins one more time. Political disputes, conflicts, anxiety and tension disappear to help people in distress. Over 55, 000 people died in Kashmir and 17,000 were children. Images from the disaster areas were very painful. A girl has been rescued after eight days from the rubble gives new hope, illuminates the victory of human sacrifice and love.

When people come from all over the world to help the victims of earthquake, it shows people are for people across the world. It reunites and reconnects the humanity across the border to show what we are supposed to be for!!! Then, we forget again until another disaster hits us. We hardly strive to see, sustain, and uphold this brighter side of humanity. Unconditional human love and care for each other cross all religious, national, racial boundaries at the crucial time of disaster. This Addabaj from the disaster prone Bangladesh proudly proclaims the victory of humanity. Lalon, Bengali mystic singer, sings the victory of love that we often forget and neglect:

“There is so much happiness
in the kingdom of love
that it is impossible to tell it all.
One who has come there
has lost himself in (love);
He has no wish
to go to another kingdom...”

Songs of
Lalon (Translated by Br. James)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

3000 Katrina Victims Laid off at New Orleans

It is very sad when another blow to Katrina victims took place quietly. 3000 non-essential city workers who are half of the city workers lost their job. First, they lost their loved ones and belongings to Katrina and now they lost their job to dry up funding and negligence. When billions of dollars are promised and being spent for Katrina victims, a quiet departure of 3000 city workers is outside of the relief scope. New Orleans city does not have enough money to maintain them in pay roll when paying distressed empolyee is not public or federal responsibility!!! This move will save the city around 8 million dollars a month!!! My heart from Bangladesh goes with another 3000 victims who are unsung and forgotten heroes. I really hate to phrase that these 3000 city workers actually live outside the American dreams!!! May be, poverty, helplessness, ambivalence and indifference have no political borders. Please read the rest frm BBC: New Orleans sacks 3000 workers...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Breaking the Cycle of Monotony

The monomanial expression in Adda has created some sort of monotony in the mind of readers. The reality escaping minds want to hear positive and bright side of life in Bangladesh. The continuous feeding of bad and sad news in and around Bangladesh may not yield much optimism and sanity in our mind. It may sound frustrating when Addabaj prefers to live in the page of history just to escape the touch of reality. Looking back at the history is not that much bad, it may energize the mind to move on and to break the cycle of monotony. Life moves on a small boat at the sunset. The destination seems very far away that won’t despair the mind to row. I quietly listen to Tagore’s song to break the cycle of monotony:

"This is my delight, thus to wait and watch
at the wayside where shadow chases light
and the rain comes in the wake of summer.
Messengers, with tidings from unknown skies,
greet me and speed along the road.
My heart is glad within, and
the breath of the passing breeze is sweet.
From dawn till dusk I sit here before my door,
and I know that of a sudden
the happy moment will arrive when I shall see.
In the meanwhile I smile and I sing all alone.
In the meantime the air is filling
with the perfume of promise".

Rabindranath Tagore, Gitanjali

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