Wednesday, October 05, 2005

3000 Katrina Victims Laid off at New Orleans

It is very sad when another blow to Katrina victims took place quietly. 3000 non-essential city workers who are half of the city workers lost their job. First, they lost their loved ones and belongings to Katrina and now they lost their job to dry up funding and negligence. When billions of dollars are promised and being spent for Katrina victims, a quiet departure of 3000 city workers is outside of the relief scope. New Orleans city does not have enough money to maintain them in pay roll when paying distressed empolyee is not public or federal responsibility!!! This move will save the city around 8 million dollars a month!!! My heart from Bangladesh goes with another 3000 victims who are unsung and forgotten heroes. I really hate to phrase that these 3000 city workers actually live outside the American dreams!!! May be, poverty, helplessness, ambivalence and indifference have no political borders. Please read the rest frm BBC: New Orleans sacks 3000 workers...

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