Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dancing monkeys playing blame game...

Bangladesh has sadly hit the infamous headline again . On August 17th, 459 small bombs (Daily Star) simultaneously exploded all over the country to testify the subtle existence of the so-called unpatriotic Jihadi group in Bangladesh and to validate the "Conspiracy theory". The party in power allied with the Islamist group (Jamati & Islami Jot) formed the Government to override the existence of the radical islamist group in Bangladesh. Indeed, the same Jamati group and its brethren were responsible for killing innoncent Bangladeshis in 1971.

If you refresh your memory, even in the recent past they terrorized students and political activists. Now as they are dressed with powerful, and colorful political dress ups, every one seems to forget and deny their terror and massacre. Read my two columns from March this year where I sent an "Open Letter to My Friend" on "History Lesson". Who cares? We thought monkeys would be quiet with bananas (of power). It seems very comforting for us to quickly and tactfully shift blame on the opposition party and/or the foreign government.

Aren't the dancing monkeys playing blame game to cover up the reality? Jihadi terrorist groups are not part of the Bangladeshi community. They don't and won't reflect the inner heart of the general Bangladeshi people. Rediscovering "Conspiracy Theory" is the most valued defensive shield for political show for right now. Let's rerun the political game show one more time to fool most of us until this nation gets treatment for political amnesia.