Wednesday, March 09, 2005

History Lesson

That's the closing statement of my history teacher in almost every class when I was in the school. History appeared to us to be very colorful, adventurous and painful in our young minds the way he presented history to us. We always loved to go back and travel to the past with our history teacher. The whole class used to be very quiet and attentive. The last thing he used to say is: "The biggest lessson of history is that no one takes lesson from it". It always comes back in my mind when I look back at our history in Bangladesh.

It's true whether we accept it, admit it, or deny it, history is very ruthless and unforgiven. In our lifetime, we've seen so many times history repeated itself. The strongest regime collapsed and tumbled down to its feet when the masses woke up. Look at 1969, look at 1971 and look afterwards. Nothing stopped the mass uprising. In the back alleyes of history, attempts were taken to obsess and seduce the collective consiousness through money, poetry, and terror. All those attemtps ended at the garbage can of history. We survived and won. All the powerful buildings collapsed, obsessive poetries evaporated.
Epiphytes in the political arena may temporarily survive but can not take the root in our collective consciouness. In my lonely mind, I get inspired as I listen:

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