Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dancing monkeys playing blame game...

Bangladesh has sadly hit the infamous headline again . On August 17th, 459 small bombs (Daily Star) simultaneously exploded all over the country to testify the subtle existence of the so-called unpatriotic Jihadi group in Bangladesh and to validate the "Conspiracy theory". The party in power allied with the Islamist group (Jamati & Islami Jot) formed the Government to override the existence of the radical islamist group in Bangladesh. Indeed, the same Jamati group and its brethren were responsible for killing innoncent Bangladeshis in 1971.

If you refresh your memory, even in the recent past they terrorized students and political activists. Now as they are dressed with powerful, and colorful political dress ups, every one seems to forget and deny their terror and massacre. Read my two columns from March this year where I sent an "Open Letter to My Friend" on "History Lesson". Who cares? We thought monkeys would be quiet with bananas (of power). It seems very comforting for us to quickly and tactfully shift blame on the opposition party and/or the foreign government.

Aren't the dancing monkeys playing blame game to cover up the reality? Jihadi terrorist groups are not part of the Bangladeshi community. They don't and won't reflect the inner heart of the general Bangladeshi people. Rediscovering "Conspiracy Theory" is the most valued defensive shield for political show for right now. Let's rerun the political game show one more time to fool most of us until this nation gets treatment for political amnesia.

hi, was just surfing n came accross ur blog (was interested seeing as im bangali).

anyways, forgive me, but r u saying that groups, such as jaamati islami r responsible for the bomb blasts? wat on EARTH makes u think that they, or indeed muslims in general, r developed enuf to perpetrate such an organised attack and massacre? n im not sure who is playing the blame game, seeing as its just as possible that those who blame 'islamists' maybe doing just that.

im afraid i dnt believe any true islamic organisation wud EVER do anything like this, or they simply wud not be an islamic organisation as such acts r OUT of the fold of islam. n i certainly do not believe jamaati islami did it. unless and until concrete evidence is displayed, we can't go pointing our fingers at anyone, nor take in watever the media displays. its time we opened our minds to think for ourselves, without bias, as opposed to letting others do it for us.
I have no love for Islamic politics but does not mean I want to deny the rights to Islamic parties if they want to be part of the democratic process.

In the recent past Awami League formed a relationship with Jamaat-e-Islami to get into power. Now BNP have included the Islamic parties in government. It is very sensible that Islamic parties be educated to respect democratic ideals. If we were to exclude them from our democracy it would only make them regard democracy as a sham.

Bangladesh is the largest Islamic liberal democracy with a population of 150 million people. We have had Islamic presence since the time of Prophet Mohammed when Bangladesh was ruled by the great Buddhist Pala. We have always been a proud moderate modernising nation. IN the last 200 years we have suffered humiliation but it is at an end.

The terrorism in Bangladesh is being engineered by India. It is even using Muslim groups. Israel has been a good teacher for India. You will know fanatic Hamas was created by Israel to undermine Arafat. Israel miscaluclated.

India has a lot to fear. It is not a nation but an entity like the USSR. It fears an end. Many analysts predict the end of India in the next 10 years like the USSR. It is unrealistic to think that an administrative convenience of the British can last.

India has 20 internal wars. Indian army is mostly involved in internal wars. In no other country is army used so much for internal problems.

India has excellent PR. But it changing.

India suffers poor relations with all her neighbours and not the Islamic ones.

Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Sikkim, China, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan all have problems with India.

In Sri lanka India tried to use Hindu low-caste Tamils to kill off Buddhist Sri Lanka.

In Bangladesh Nepal and Pakistan India uses terrorists and proxies to create chaos.

Bangladesh is sorting out is security issues. As you will know it is making India very jittery.

Bangladesh does not want trouble with any nation. It wants a shared culture with all our neighbours to florish. India knows Bangladesh strength and wants to do dirty work to prevent investment into Bangladesh.

Do you know? Not only is Bangladesh blessed with great skilled workforce but also a lot of mineral wealth and natural resources. Only recently we found huge amount of uranium.

We are one of the largest food producers in the world. And our land is only the size of Wisconsin!
Anonymous is so right. India is behind all the outrages in Bangladesh for the last 30 years.

Poverty-striken India is scared that a rich subcontinent will kill India. India needs to have wars to keep it going. China is going to sort out India. That is why India is running to Uncle Sam. But Uncle Sam knows India is just a puss full of fake gurus and naked sadhu primitive freaks.

Uncle Sam may use India for a time. Uncle Sam knows Muslims are its ultimate allies. Bangladesh is a moderating influence in the Islamic world as one of the freest nations in the world. Bangladesh has 50 million middle-class with excellent universities. India is surplus with 700 million poor. There are twice as many poor India as in Africa. Who knew that? It's got lots of wars too.

Sikh want Khalistan, Naga want nagaland, Assam wants Asom, Kashmir wants Kashmir, Tamil want Tamilland, Goans want freedom, Gujarati wants Gujaratidesh.

All the countries in Asia including low-caste Hindus should teach the moron Brahmins a good.....

Most Indians are poor, Untouchable, Tribal, Low-caste Hindu. 90% of Indians are marginal. They need to be saved from the 3% Brahmins.
o i totally agree that india is behind such attacks. only a highly developed outside government organisation could have planned and carried out such bombings.
Bengalis shouls take control of their own country and not two princes such as Hasina and Khaleda, because Bangladesh is not a kingdom nor they are stupid enough to lead by two women.

They should also declare a war on corruption on all fields.
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