Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Eid and then

I celebrated eid with friends and family. Everyone of us was very happy to see the arrangement and entertainment. Food was delicious and was too much for one day. Dhaka was more enjoyable than any time of the year as people abandoned Dhaka for their villages. Suddenly, Dhaka turned out to be a very ideal city.

I enjoyed to move channels and take the snap shots of all attractive features on the TV screen. Enjoyed none. I was tired of too much ads on TV during prime time shows. I was thinking to send mails to the TV channels to put donation boxes outside their stations and in the shopping centers. I'll donate some changes in exchange of too much repetitive TV ads. Who cares about the TV viewers? Isn't running TV shows a business? Who cares about what I like or not. We're imprisoned by.... It's not so bad as I say. Didn't they offer few programs that were quite edible with delicisous dishes?

I hear the noise is back again, I can feel the traffic is coming back. Can we put away all the bus and rail connections to Dhaka for few more days? Everyone is coming back to Dhaka again. To me, eid is more celebratory occasion as it gives me some break from traffic nightmares. I'm the selfish one!!! I think only about me. I want to see an ideal Dhaka city- "a perfect showcase of development", a city of excellence and abundance. Dhaka is my Bangladesh. I think about Eid and then after a few days... again... clumsy, busy, smoky Dhaka returns to its very original form. Please forgive me, right now I've started count down for Eid again......

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