Sunday, February 27, 2005

February 21st Again

We've just observed February 21st. To us, February is a month that we observe to celebrate our language, our cultural identity, heritage and honor. Our brothers had sacrificed their lives to save our language Bangla from the Pakistani ruler who wanted to make Urdu our state language. After 53 years, when we celebrate our language movement, I get really upset. What happened to our beloved Bangla language? Are we quickly forgetting Bangla? Can we speak correctly? Can we write? Can we express our thoughts in Bangla?

Alas!!!! We can not even speak. Look at the Media outlets like TV and radio channels. Most of them can not speak Bangla. Look at the politicians, bureaucrats, educators, journalists? Don't know how to speak Bangla... They talk...trash..h... to me. Sorry... Do we know what happened? We know, our education system has collapsed. We are getting degrees mostly without quality. Are we loosing our very language when the whole world is supposed to celebrate International Mother Language Day on February 21st? Shame for us. February 21st has truly turned to a symbolic event. We have perfectly decorated us once again to celebrate one single day to humiliate our Martyrs' sacrifice as we have simply confined our sentiment to one single day. February 21st is coming back again next year... Get ready for another show up...

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