Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good morning, Bangladesh

MARCH 1, 1971
By: Syed Shamsul Huq

"See, I'm unarmed, but
I have the kind of arms that is
Never exhausted, which with every use
Only grows sharper and sharper - my life.
I don't have only one life,
But millions and millions of lives.
See, I do not have a flag
In my hand, but the flag I possess
Is not raised on the mast of some braggart
My flag is my mother's face.
I don't have only one mother,
But millions and millions of mothers..."
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Good morning, Bangladesh!!! We wake up on March 26th to celebrate our freedom fight in 1971. Look at Bangladesh Holocaust 1971, a pictorial history of our freedom fight. You can read on-line in Acrobat format Muntassir Mamoon’s The Vanquished Generals and The Liberation War of Bangladesh, 2000, Translated from Bengali by Kushal Ibrahim, Dhaka, Somoy Prokashan.

This day I revisit my memoir with all of us in the home. I take out Dhaka 1971, a pictorial book from the bookshelf and look at the books as I tell them about March 1971 and afterwards. Read the rest of my article in Bangla:

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