Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Who will read blogs?

Blogging is a quick and concise way to publish personal thoughts and ideas in the virtual world. As Timmermans tries to define in her blog: “A blog is a frequently updated website of personal ideas, thoughts, musings, news, information, or discussions on perhaps what one has eaten for breakfast, or who is winning the war. More succinctly, a blog is a frequently modified web site with entries in reverse chronological order”.

I’m a late comer in the world of webblog. As I started writing, some of my addabaj friends questioned, “Who’ll really read”? “Who has time”? Why are you writing on serious issues??
To answer their questions, I say, I'm really writing for me, for my friends and for soul searching indpendent minds. As a curious Bangal, I browse a lot to know and see in the limitless virtual world and try to unfold my ideas in Adda.

As per my friends’ request for lighter issues, I’ll dedicate my story about my “First Love” in my next blog. You’ve to wait until Friday. Signing off until then.

You should up load the research book published by Nirmul Committee (edited by Shahriar Kabir) titlled 'Tormenting Seventy one' An account of tortured peoples during our Liberation War 1971.
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