Sunday, March 20, 2005

Why It's So Hazy?

March always reminds me our dichotomy in observing our freedom fight. I've always found it to be very fascinating that odd moves by the political interests and their pundits in Bangladesh to monopolize the freedom fight and history of freedom for petty political interests. Our freedom fight was a collective effort and sacrifice. Look at the picture of genocide in Bangladesh in 1971. Do you see how all of us have sacrificed and fought? Visit Bangladesh Genocide Memorial. I've no more to add. I silently look at Kazi Nazrul Islam's poem, "Some Forget":

Some remember
Others forget,
The memories
That past begets.

Some weep
Struck with grief
Some sing
For relief.

Some feel,
In the clouds
The horror of
Thunder abounds.

...Some keep awake
With doors open
For the new
Moon of tomorrow
(Translated by Syed Mujibul Huq)

What R U Doing today to honor the sacrifice of the freedom fighters that gave you a map, a flag and a Bangladeshi identity?

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