Monday, April 18, 2005

Living inside bubbles

Poverty is increasing both in the poor and the rich in Bangladesh. While the poor are becoming poorer financially as economic opportunities are shrinking and the rich are becoming poorer mentally as they’re increasingly living outside the touch of reality and sanity. Bangladesh is no longer a test case of development, it is presenting the glowing picture of the best consumeristic economy in the developing world. Look at the goods and luxury items in Dhaka city’s crowded shopping centers! Look at the Models of cars people are now driving in the Metropolitan areas! Some People over here even wait for Lexus model cars from the car dealers.

Who dare to say people are poor over here. We are all living inside bubbles and feeling very safe and secured !!! I’m not going to refer to statistical models or findings right here. We are definitly and successfully creating a show case of development that shows richness and abundance for the “Haves”. Even the capitalistic societies in the West have some sort of social safety net for the poor. We are amazingly creating a wonderful safety net for the poor in paper, planning and political speeches!!! That is why Addabaj is searching a new framework of understanding for all of us who are living inside bubbles. Who will remind us that bubbles are very transient and unsafe by nature, as I see children are busy in making bubbles. In my next blog, I’ll reconceptualize individualism in Bangladesh context. Read the rest in Bangla:

Very nicely written.

Please let me know if I can help you with your initiative. Thnx.
Thanks!!! You can touch at least one life one time for once. People who need help- a little push live around you. It depends on you how you want to help them. Thanks!!
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