Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Favorite Hide Outs

It's really interesting to share with you my very favorite hide outs. Almost every day, I used to stop by one of these hide outs on my way back home from the University. I think, these hide outs had lasting effects on my academic career and personal growth. These hide outs were my favorite spots to escape the scorchy summer and to browse quietly to advance my learning curve.

As I told you before, I love books. I still remember, during my childhood, whenever I had a fight with my elder sister, my father used to give me children's books and usualy asked me to go and read the book. He told, `Read this story book, it'll never fight with you'. Thanks Dad, I'm really blessed!!! So, I used to read quietly and it continued when I grew up. My secret and favorite hideouts were:

Please visit my favorite hangout and hide out places that I adore a lot. In the coming edition, I'll take you to my first job interview. Signing off right now to venture my long day. Thanks for stopping by.

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