Friday, April 08, 2005

My First Job Interview

It happened right after my graduation from Dhaka Univesity. I was referred by my Professor to the Country Representative of a renowned donor agency in Dhaka. At the very end of my inerview, I was asked whom did I vote for in the Student Union? My interviewer was happy when they found that I voted for BJCD who were elected at that time. I was too happy to find out that they did not ask me whether I've ever joined in any student procession. If they did, I had to tell them one time I joined to protest the fundamenatlist Chatra Shibir's atrocity in the student campus and the one other time to protest Ershad's millitary governemnt. I'm glad they did not. I got the job right then that I needed too much. Read the rest in Bangla:

That frustation you are going through..does that appear amusin to you? Let me tell another story... my sister was double stand , 5-th in BUET final exam althrough an ingenious student...and when she graduated what did she get? Nothing, no jobs ,no univs to teach at nothing at all....all because MY EX-CORNELL( a univ at USA) PROF DAD WAS TOO "HONEST/INSOLENT" to ask his friends at those places(he really has some high caliber friends at high places, but they are only friends by name/posture..not in practical terms) to grant his daughter a job... Luckily she was married off and now has a good job at Dallas, texas along with her husband...but the frustation of having fought with the irrelevant education system of bangladesh for so long and finally almost loosing the last-battle drove her close to insanity...that is offcourse in metaphorical terms. But i dont understand why does the prudent students of bangladesh still support student politics? They can rise together against any jamat/a.l/b.n.p/j.p/some communist bastards and say "dir seig weir unser sein"...still prejudices go on in this land of beauty...and as i see it, it will prevail in such spectral condition unless some visionary comes forward to rectify it..

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