Monday, July 04, 2005

Coming out from hibernation ...

It’s amazing to be in hibernation. Suddenly, this Addabaj (Gossip) has disappeared from the horizon of webblog. I’m living right around the corner as a non-existent. I’m alive and well but I feel as I'm lost and grounded. I simply needed some time only for myself. Life suddenly appears to me as a moving car that takes turn and stops for a while before it speeds up again. My inner feeling energizes me to drive my life as a car to its destination without fear and anguish.

I’ve chosen 4th of July to post my first column after this hiatus. Let me wish my friends in the USA the very best on America’s indepndence day. Freedom is for all in its entirety. The spirit of independence needs to uplift the humanity all over the world against injustice, oppression, and intolerance. When 4th of July will illuminate the sky all over the USA, I hope it’ll greet all of us right here, there, and everywhere with a genuine awakening of the worth of real human freedom and independence, not the artifical and superficial one. Long live freedom!!! Cherish and celebrate independence in our very thoughts, expressions and works!!! Let's enlighten our minds with the real spirit of independence- that's the real beginning when you really want to come out from hibernation and alienation.

Visit the following resources to find out more about the 4th of July celebration in the USA:

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