Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fishing a dead fish: An Ex-President's tale

Does it happen only in Bangladesh? May be not? Who does fish a dead fish in dirty water? How does it look like when you catch a dead fish in dirty water, if you ever can? Who does have the interest? Who does run the startling political drama around a marital problem of an ex-president in Bangladesh? In the recent weeks, we’ve been really tired over the overzealous coverage of a marital dispute of an Ex-President of Bangladesh, H M Ershad. His divorce drama was really interesting. His ex-wife Bidisha’s ill-fate drew nationwide sympathy for her. Didn’t Bidisha know how many women were allured, seduced and tragically exploited by this Ex-Gentleman...? Where’s justice? Haven’t we seen the enormous efficiency and competency of our law enforcement and justice sytem to try Bidisha? Indeed, we have.

To me, Ershad is a dead fish politically and personally. I only remember his regime of tyranny, his imposing poetry (self-proclaimed poet), student movement for democracy, loss of education years due to strikes and closings, bloodsheds, hypocracy, most travelled President, and Nur Hussain’s sacrifice for demorcacy.... It’s a smart move to introduce political drama over a marital issue of an ex-fish.

Please fish a dead fish for new excitements, fool us again, when the poor Bangladesh quietly begs for peace, stability, transparency, honesty, justice, and accountability. It’s really fishy now. What’s next? Wait for the next episode now.

Oh, the ol' "Hey everybody! What's that??! Look over there!"
Our president is doing that by introducing a new justice to divert attention from his right hand man and his evil escapades.
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