Friday, September 09, 2005

Propaganda against Jamati Islami in Bangladesh

I received a few interesting comments about my article on August 24th on the blame game regarding recent bombing incidents in Bangladesh. It is unfortunate reality in Bangladesh that Jamat and its followers have betrayed and collaborated wtih the Pakistani military junta in the hienous mass killing in Bangladesh. They’ve always promoted extreme millitant explanation of Islam. Philosphically, they’re guided by a so-called Pakistani literary scholar Moududi whose incomplete and inaccurate explanation promoted Islamic extremism and fundamentalism for the last four decades in the South Asia. Jamat has always subscribed to the fundamentalist tenets following Moududi’s explanation. Some of you may even have forgotten how many wrists they had cut off in Chittagong and Rajshahi Univeristy in the name of Islam!!!

Now, Jamat has suddenly reappeared as a patriotic and nationalist force in Bangladesh. Have they ever committed any crime against humanity? No, never ever. They’re only a patriotic, democratic and peaceful political movement guided by the islamic idelogy that promotes islamic political process!!! What a hypocracy??? How can they even hide their blood soaked hands that killed so many innocent Bangladeshis in 1971? Now, their followers are causing havoc by 459 small bombs just to prove that all this is a simple propaganda against innocent Jamatis??? What a historic tragedy for the most distressed and helpless people in Bangladesh!!! Read the rest in Bangla...

i honestly do not know wat to say. u r seriously deluded. maududi is not seen as a 'pakistani scholar' but rather an 'islamic scholar'. completely different, theres nothing unpatriotic there. just as im sure u have respect for certain foreign scholars yourself. unless and until u have read all maududi's (or indeed any scholars) books without bias u have no rite to go labelling scholars with insulting titles. and unless ur own knowledge is 'complete' and 'accurate' wat is it that makes u headstrong enough to label others as not being so? also, saying that jamat 'always promoted extreme millitant explanation of Islam' kindly give evidence. i dont believe things blindly without proof. intelligent human beings are those who think for themselves as opposed to taking watever the media or any other source of (mis)information provides.
i seriously feel u need to read up more and get ur facts straight. unless ofcourse u continue to read from all those sources which will simply reinforce the false ideas u hold.
on the bombings, im astounded that u still believe jamaat did it. as others who have commented on ur blog have said, such acts were carried out by others, possibly (or probably) india's secret service. can u honestly, as an intelligent human being, believe that a poorly funded islamic organisation has either the resources or the lack of morality or the skill to perpetrate such attacks? and have u ever come across a book by maududi which encourages the killing and terrorising of innocent civillians? i hope u r not too blind so as to think with a more open mind, minus preconcieved ideas.
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