Friday, September 30, 2005

Rescue me from bias and save my ethos!!

I read news, blogs and talk to friends. I get comments, compliments, and complaints. I see bias, prejudice, and petty interest. I see how greed, deception, helplessness, loneliness, enmity, anger, tension, danger rein our mind, our life, our society and our world. Our window of conscience suddenly becomes narrower. Our shadow starts getting longer and darker. Suddenly, we love to live in the past; we start singing “...If I could change the world”.

Then I feel I’ve lost my lonely voice right here in Bangladesh. My voice is buried in the noise of nuisance, it murmurs in my lips. I wish if I could sound like thunder, so that every one could clearly hear, and lightning suddenly could reenact the past that we deny all the time as blinds. Trying to be blind is more painful than being a blind. Truth is absolute, it has no substitute. Poor Socrates died only to teach “Know Thyself”. Our pride lives in truth, not in ignorance, not in arrogance. I quietly write in Adda, “Rescue me from bias, save my ethos”. My mind is not for sale; my soul and my world are not dead and occupied by prejudice. I regain confidence when I see Gilgamesh has survived almost 4700 years. As this mythological hero’s story retold by: Herbert Mason, I renew my commitment to overcome today’s shadow and loss:

" must return
And bury your loss and build
Your world anew with your own hands.
I envy you your freedom".

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