Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Grand Political Rally: Lessons Unlearned

Bangladesh has seen one of the biggest political rallies in Dhaka organized by the opposition party Awami League and the 14 Party alliance. Addabaj has closely looked at the 23 point common national program for political action announced by the opposition parties. Their 23 points basically outline establishing secular democratic government, holding free and fair election, freeing communal forces and militants from government and society, ensuring speedy trial of war criminals, alleviating poverty, ending corruption and increasing accountability of the elected representatives, strengthening uniform educational system etc. All these demands don’t hold any surprise/secret as they reflect the popular view points and demands of the common people in Bangladesh.

I can not relate the basis of BNP-Jamat’s fear about this grand rally. Why has the current government shown unreasonable fear and anxiety about the action plan of their counter part? Why have they played a childish game by calling transportation strike on the eve of the grand rally (dramatic call of strike and its end right after the rally)? Has that reduced the number of audience and participants in the grand rally? How does a grand rally impact a sitting government? A popular nationalistic BNP-Jamat government should not be subject to this kind of baseless fear. They should have come up with their own action plan to encounter this 23 point program and present their achievements to the general public that could make more sense. Don’t forget that People are the base and heart of democracy. Why does this critical lesson remain unlearned all the time? I know people have answer for that, too.

Total childish political strategy by BNP with this transport strike. It hurt them more than it helped them.
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