Monday, November 21, 2005

Personal Political Encounter: Looking Retrospectively

It happened some years ago. Awami League was in power. At that time, people definitely had valid concerns about subversive behaviors of some Awami Leaders. One time, I had a rare opportunity to meet one of the Awami League leaders to talk freely about politics, history and freedom fight. I knew him very well as an honest, sincere and dedicated Awami Leaguer. During our conversation, he told me since you’re so concerned about issues like freedom fight, religious fundamentalism etc. “Why don’t you join Awami League? I replied, “Let me think about this and I’ll get back to you within next few days”. After few days, I went back to his place and we’re again involved into the same discussion. At one point he asked, “Did you make up your mind about joining Awami League?” I told him, “Yes, I’ve planned to join Awami League, if your party is going to expel these leaders/parliamentarians....” He knew very well what I was talking about. I didn’t look at his eyes to see his frustration. May be, I overheard a big sigh. He and his reverend leader knew few of their own party people who were engaged in undermining the image of their own party....

I know very well the current Prime Minister knows the names of all the bad apples in her party, too. Unfortunately, all these political leaders ultimately become hostage to their own people. Their biggest enemy is not their counter part or the Opposition party. Rather, their biggest enemy is their own people who put them down altogether. If Sheikh Hasina comes back to power in the next election, will she put back those same people....those faces...again? Who knows?

Well, I’ve not joined in any party politics yet. Although, my blog “Adda” has been allegedly blamed by some ardent readers for political bias. As Bangladeshi, we faithfully practice, “Either it is my way or Highway”. No one over here tolerates dissidence; no one wants reality check... So, if it’s not my way, you’re blamed, because you are now part of an international conspiracy against your country. Fortunately, Freud was not born in Bangladesh; otherwise he would have definitely added another defense mechanism that our responsibility escaping political leaders are clinically skilled to practice...that’s called, “Conspiracy Theory”.

Don't worry, You will find many Bangladeshis in the same boat.

I am just wondering why there are not agendas like 'working together with other opinionated persons' subscribed by the political parties.
I think it will be different to some extent with the younger, educated leaders like Saber Hossain and Joy - with them you can at least criticize and they dont look funny at you like the older leaders do. We have a "Yes Sir" mentality among our previous generation - we learnt that from the British I think.
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