Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Poet's Peril, A Society's Burden

A Bangladeshi Poet’s life right now is in danger. Fazal Shahabuddin, a renowned Bangladeshi Poet, has been threatened by criminals to pay ransom of Taka 50,000. As reported, if he fails to pay this ransom, criminals have threatened him to raise the ransom amount to Tk. 500,000. They claim, “if he fails to give the money, they will bomb him”. Creating terror by asking ransom has become a daily feature of city life in Bangladesh. Citizens have become hostage to criminals where Police are mostly inactive and inefficient in law enforcement. Their efficiency mostly rests in collecting bribe and channeling it to higher ups. Addabaj is sure that there are still few honest police officers left in Bangladesh but they are cornered and numbered.

In the mean time, a renowned poet is in distress. Fazal Shahabuddin is one of our Bangladeshi poets who presents our aesthetic identity and cultural legacy. Poets are the heart of our rich cultural identity. Now, a poet’s life is in threat. He feels unsafe and insecure to threats of criminals. As per the report, he was crying while he was stating his threat to the Journalists. Suddenly, a Poet’s peril has become a society’s burden. Read the rest of the story in a Bangla Daily today: “Give us 50,000 Taka right now”.

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