Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ruling Party Neglects Abu Hena's Favor

In the recent week, Bangladesh has witnessed increasing warm up in the political arena. It usually happens mostly in the winter time when political meetings and processions are quite environment friendly due to mild winter in Bangladesh. Awami League did a mass rally to publish its 23 point action plan. In the mean time, Mr. Abu Hena, recently expelled Government Parliament member, has tried to favor his ruling party by complaining against some of his political colleagues’ involvement in religious militancy. BNP has been so obsessed by their Jamati and Islami friends that they did not even bother to heed to their own party member's complaint. As election is nearing up, most politicians usually are at loss to redirect their political ships for winning popular support. BNP has lost its golden opportunity to listen to their own parliament member Mr. Abu Hena and take drastic action against those ministers and advisers who are part of the intrigue and also involved in recommending government pardon for the Islamic militant leaders in the past.

I feel bad for poor Interpol, FBI, and Scotland Yard Agents who rushed to Bangladesh to interview the apprehended militants who were allegedly involved into attacking Shah AMS Kibria, Ex Finance Minister, Mr. Anwar Chowdhury, British High Commissioner and others. If they had waited until now, at least they could have requested few more interview sessions with some folks in the ruling party! I think the government has even lost its moral ground to be in power for any single more day. If it happened in any other democratic country, they would have resigned by now and ask for new election. Read the rest of story form today’s Daily Star.

Right now BNP's biggest fear is the stop others from coming forward like Abu Hena.
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