Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Terrorism in Bangladesh: Stand up Again Please!!

It happened again very sadly. Terrorist group in Bangladesh yesterday killed two judges. Read the news in detail from Bangladesh News: JMB Suicide Bomber kills two judges on their way to court. This is an unfortunate trend in the recent years where fundamentalism and religious militancy in Bangladesh have been on rise. Since, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has allied with the wicked Jamat-i-Islami and Islami Forum to come to power; Islamist groups have been politically and administratively patronized in Bangladesh. BNP has utilized Bangla Bhai Inc. and their partners to protect and solidify their political vision and interest. We sadly witness that their patronized protege has now become Frankenstein of our time and has really gone out of their grip.

I passionately appeal to my fellow Bloggers/friends to join me to condemn terrorism and abandon all political forces that sponsor, join and tolerate religious fundamentalism and militancy in Bangladesh. Bangladesh became independent twice before, first time from the Pakistani force in 1971, second time from HM Ershad’s military junta in 1990. Now, it’s another call for all of us to free our beloved land- Bangladesh from the evil shadow of religious extremism for today and forever. Stand up and raise your hands once again with the same spirit of independence.

It's time you grow up and see the global approach on terrorism and then you will see how stupid you are in condemning Bangladesh. Why don't you speak when bombers attack India or Pakistan on a regular basis. May be you don't listen to world news. Such a lame Indian sucker ! Shame on you !!
Bangladeshi.. blogging on BD bomb attack... becomes "lame Indian sucker!" (as he did not comment on Indian bomb attack...)
What a logic !
entertaining indeed!

Mr. Addabaj, as you can see, some people are always angry when you say the truth about Jamaat. Never mind. We know jamate(p)islami(.com), and we will protest the rajakars and jongis this time as well...
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