Sunday, November 27, 2005

Why is Bangladesh the Best: Update 2

Is it a joke or a prank? What did make you think that Bangladesh is the best? Is it a potrait of our poverty or abundance? Is it good or bad? I remember, almost a decade ago, I was travelling through somewhere in the Midwest in the USA, I met an American who said to me, "I know Bangladesh. You guys have tornadoes, storms, disasters. I see these pictures all the time on my TV. I know Bangladesh". I told him, "Yes, you're absolutely right. But you don't know the other side of Bangladesh that shows our strengths in fighting nature, storms, disasters all the time, that's been going on for thousands of years, that doesn't come on your TV".

Bangladesh is a wonderful land of beauty that raises her children with courage, struggle and resiliency. I see December 16th is the most appropriate time to dedicate my writing as we often forget ignorance and ambivalence are our biggest enemies. 'Bangladesh is the Best' plans to put out hundreds of interactive sketches on Bangladesh that will take you to the sources of information unedited to qualify and justify the notion of this article.

Wait until the victory day of Bangladesh, December 16th.

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