Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Why is Bangladesh the Best?

Bangladesh is a land of beauty where nature and people have come together to create the tapestry of lives for thousands of years. As our patriotic song echoes in our mind,

“You’re the only Bangladesh,
You’re conscious people
A surprise of this whole world
You’re my pride...”

Bangladesh presents a living legend of resiliency. People’s lives have always been shattered in this wonderful land by nature, by occupation, and by its own people. Yet, Bangladesh proudly comes back to its heart to regain its loss and to rebuild its life. That is why, Bangladesh is unique. Our pride and resiliency will move us to solidify our resolve for a new day of hope and progress. Who will dispute me that after every dark night, a bright morning waits for us to greet and embrace? Wait for facts as we need enlighment. Adda is going to present on December 16th, “Why is Bangladesh the best?”

“Our treasures are......
heaps and paddy at the farmer’s courtyard,
crisp, puffed rice, stars and glow-worms,
mango blossoms, ceaseless crooning of cicadas,
homemade cakes in fascinating designs.....
dark woods.... pigeons and parrots in green woods....
quiet bathing ghats close by our homes
mirroring a million stars,
housewives washing themselves,
the late autumnal afternoon sun
making filigree designs on a meadow,
happy shaplas (water lily), idols of watery marshes,
falling leaves...........”
Poet Sanaul Haque
Translated by: Kabir Chowdhury

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