Saturday, December 10, 2005

Addabaj on BBC's World Have Your Say

It was amazing when BBC World Services contacted me to join in a discussion on terrorism issue in Bangladesh on December 9th. World has really become very small. It was a short and quick notice for me (couple of hours) to talk about this critical issue. Anyway, please listen to this on-line program that has drummed support for Rajakar Jamatis by Dr. Shamser Ali and Mr. Shah Abdul Hannan as they claimed Jamat is a democratic party.

Designating recent terrorist activities in Bangladesh as a simple law and order issue is a superficial window dressing to cover up the root of this problem which won't be solved by a rally led by religious clerics in Bangladesh. At this critical time, people don't need rallies, seminars, and dialogs to make them conscious, they have already been conscious enough about terrorism as they have seen this whole country is bleeding and grieving. I'd like to reiterate that we really need to go to the very source of terrorism that carefully breeds it, protects it, and denies it. It is no surprise, when militant and religious Islamic parties have partnered with the government, it has simply produced an ideal recipe to breed militancy.

As a Bangladeshi blogger, I think I’ve tried to clarify in my short remark that Jamat's role in 1971 and the current government’s alliance with the same militant islamic party have encouraged this unprecedented militancy in Bangladesh. Mr. Shah Abdul Hannan’s support for 'Jamat as a political party mandated by people' won’t give impunity to Jamat-Shibir for its involvement in chopping wrists of students in Chittagong and Rajshahi Universities in the name of Islam. Jamat should be brought to justice for its act against humanity. How can we forget and forgive Jamat's role in the worst massacre of innocent Bangladeshis in 1971? Mr. Hannan's ambivalence how Jamatis killed innocent people in Bangladesh and pioneered militancy in this country won't change the history of Bangladesh. Don’t need to say any more, read my columns that I've been publishing on terrorism.

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Dear Addabaj...

Could I publish your blog at an experimental blog site for অগনন সাধারন

We could blog at each others site.

mr. বুঝি কম
Ofourse!!! Thanks!!
congratulations on the show. we must keep speaking out against this broadside attack by fanatics.

We must also reach out to other young people to join in.
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