Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fighting Shadows: How to Combat Terrorism in Bangladesh

If defeating terrorism is no longer a partisan call, then current government in Bangladesh is fighting its own shadow. The ruling BNP and its four party alliance are formed on so-called nationalism and religious extremism. When series of terrorist attacks in Bangladesh have obsessed the mind of this nation with shock and grief, the people are sadly left in dark. How is this nation going to get rid of terrorist weeds from all walks of life? People no longer want to see blaming games and hate to validate conspiracy theory. The most critical question that this nation has starkly faced: How do you fight your own shadow?

We need to inspire and revive our national spirit and pride of freedom fight to combat the overgrowing curse of terrorism in Bangladesh. The confused, dejected, dissected spirits of Bangladesh are in desperate need to wake up with only unifying spirit of 1971 that brought together the whole nation to fight the Pakistani military junta and its collaborators Rajakar Jamatis. Now the same monsters are back with new masks and new missions. They simply want to destroy our country, our pride and our distinct identity. The ruling party may have been suffering from political amnesia to remember anything from the past. Enough is enough. People are tired with their political show and tell games and band-aids. Their huge failure to combat terrorism is built-in in their politico-administrative mechanism: How can they fight their own shadow?

We’re not asking for political favor to pave road for Awami League in the next election. If Awami League can unify this nation with a nationalistic secular view point, people will definitely weigh them in into the coming election. Right now, people are helpless and speechless. They are in desperate need of their safety. At this critical time, instead of dividing thoughts, we simply need a unifying spirit. We need to reach to a national consensus for an interim government to combat terrorism independently, fearlessly and ferociously. People of Bangladesh can not afford any more demented political selfishness when the heart and soul of this nation are bleeding severely.

Unity is such a moral booster. If the nation just saw Hasina-Khaleda in one table, they could have been blessed with more optimism and hope, notwithstanding what circus they would have put on.

The main reason behind today’s crisis is the lack of accountability and absence of respect towards our fellows. All economical and mental corruption would end if we could establish accountibilty everywhere.

I was watching the Khaleda- Businessmen dialogue yesterday in BTV. Can you just believe, many of them spent almost their entire speech in praising Khaleda(nodding with her signature smile) and then mentioning some of their thoughts.

Yes we are a bunch of hypocrites. We say one thing and do another(for our own interest). It was their golden opportunity to make Khaleda aware of what people expect from her. It was their golden opportunity to accountable her for this present situation.

The opposition refused the dialogue, but only last month ruling and opposition law makers united and dined in a BGMEA meet. Yes can’t you see, the leaders are very much united for our own interests and never for the country. So what can you expect from them? The 71 spirit will not be there until we can wipe out the hiprocricy in us give importance to our country.

The people should unite. But sadly there is none accpetable to all to take the helm. I was bullied by one when I talked about forming a national government accountable to the parliament. People do not seem to get out of tradition.
You're absolutely right. We really need to eliminate hypocrites socially and politically from our life. As long as truth comes out like morning sun to enlighten our mind, the hypocrites will find their days are up. Don't get frustrated. Please continue to write to reach the folks who care about intelligence and conscience.
Whether our politicians or leaders unite or not, the people - like you and me need to discuss these issues and keep writing and expressing ourselves in every way we can. I believe the public, who has most to lose, will stand up against these militants. Once the public is aware and vigil, I am hoping these criminals will find it harder to operate.
You're absolutely right. "I believe the public, who has most to lose."

We didn't see 71 and only heard many different versions of the same story. But we love Bangladesh and love our people. We need to wakeup with unifying spirit of 2006 or 2007 or anytime soon. But before that we need to wakeup individually. We don’t do or even say anything to those few people. We just leave it to other corrupted people like opposition party. It’s our life and our country that is suffering, not their.
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