Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year: 2006

Happy New Year. Welcome 2006!!! I have started my journey this year in Adda to express myself under a pen name “Addabaj” (Gossip Guy). I write with hope and light to revisit things, issues challenges and possibilities that we face here in Bangladesh and else where in the world. I appreciate my readers’ thoughts as they react, comment, encourage, criticize, and inspire me to move forward. Indeed, we need new ideas, hopes and inspirations. We need enlighment and commitment to change. I live in hope and dream as I see our new generation is coming to regain Bangladesh with glory and to rescue us from our mistakes and shames. My desire and dream bounce with the lines of our great Rebellious Poet Nazrul to pronounce it on the eve of New Year:

“There comes the bold new youth
eager to wipe out all that is ugly and decayed.
He comes with his unkempt hair and careless dress
on the wings of the Deluge
with a smile on his lips.

He is the eternal beauty
who knows how to destroy and build again,
Come, make merry and rejoice!
What fear has he
for whom all this destruction and rebuilding
is but a game?
Come, make merry and rejoice
and Welcome the Beautiful
who comes today in the garb of the Terrible”

Translated by: Kabir Chowdhury

Simultaneous publication in my Bangla Blog:

Happy New Year to you too!
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