Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tribute to A Mentor: Personal Thoughts

I really miss my wonderful Mentor who immensely inspired me to write. He was successful in writing on critical issues and challenges in Bangladesh. He was wonderfully and enviously blessed with huge popularity as readers used to find entertainments with facts and funs in his writings that were published in several Bangla dailies. I was fond of his writing as he reached to the pinnacle of his writing career for many best selling and award winning books in Bangladesh. He was my source of inspiration and encouragement to move forward to talk about issues that no one hardly dares or cares to talk about. He used to encourage me to write and to express my thoughts all the time. Finally, I reached to a point when I finally agreed with him to write about issues and challenges in Bangladesh.

I installed Bangla software in my computer, started sharing my thoughts with him that I would write about. The deal was that he would review my write ups and would direct me to the dailies in Dhaka that could probably consider my work. He was really excited as he had seen a breakthrough as he was able to convince me to write!!! I was also excited to find a Mentor who was enthusiastically standing by me to hold my hands to move me forward!!! Then, suddenly the news broke- my beloved Mentor had suddenly, silently, and sadly left me and his beloved readers. He’s gone forever. Now, it's been almost two years that he's gone, even I still wait for his call...

He left me right after I finished my first draft to e-mail him for his review. I kept reading my first draft over and over in my lonely mind. I know, no one would ever call me again to write any more. My Mentor is my unsung hero whom I've lost very prematurely. How can I pay my respect and tribute to my beloved Mentor who inspired me so greatly? May I ask my readers to join me to show respect to my Mentor? If you agree with me, could you please please please call or see your personal Mentor who helped you the most to rise? If you do that I would find peace as I couldn’t do it any more!!!

sorry to hear this.
I appreciate your showing respect to your mentor.
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