Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rating System at Blogging

I've come up with a very innovative system in Adda's Bangla Blog. I've received an overwhelming amount of response and reaction from my Bangladeshi readers. I've mainly concentrated my writing around religious militancy issues in Bangladesh, collaborator Jamati and Rajakars etc. A lot of pro-Jamati readers innundated my Bangla blog with their own judgements and personal agonies. Therefore, I've imposed a self-explained rating that has a caption like "Rajakar Free Horizon". As a blogger, I'm enjoying conversations, dialogs, debates which I believe will lead us to reach to a national consensus that will prevent the rise of militant and extremist islamic thought in Bangladesh.

Hello, I am a follower of your blog..mostly the bangla one..But sorry that I don't know bangla typing so I can't comment there..

I like the rating system.. lol
hi adda, give us feedback on good things we can implement in the badh bangar aawaj, and we will try to help both you and other bangla bloggers to get even more powerful and effective tools, you know our email addresses. if you have specific requests which may help only you, we are still doing what we can to help you. arild :-)
Nice blog, very informative. Thanks.
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