Sunday, January 01, 2006

Thoughts in an evening:

First published in Adda’s Bangla Blog on January 1, 2006. I have translated it here into English for my readers. Let me share with you that I’m putting more time to Adda’s Bangla site in order to reach my Bangladeshi audience, but I promise that I won’t neglect this site either. Thank you for visiting Adda.

I am a nature loving person and I really enjoy open space. Whenever I find time, I go outside the crowd to enjoy the beauty of nature. Whenever I think about nature, I mean blue sky, flowing water and green field. So, I went by the river to enjoy the evening of the first day of 2006. I took a picture of the sun set as I was thinking a lot. I started putting my ideas on the laptop for my readers.

I was thinking about the unrest in Bangladesh and was hoping to present glowing light of hope and determination in 2006. We want to see a growing trust and determination in people’s power and unity. In Bangladesh, we no longer need startling and breaking news, swinging dramatic turns in politics, and unexpected demise of conscience. We don’t need anarchy when we need peace and tranquility. We need belief in God, but we don’t need the rise of fanaticism. We don’t need immoral cultural occupation when we need to promote our own cultural heritage of thousands year. We need to “Free Democracy” not as a hostage to a Prince, but we need growing spirit of democracy in people’s spontaneity. We no longer need deception, delusion, and spread of lies. We need enlightened life for every living person of Bangladesh with ardent embracement of justice and truth. I was murmuring few lines from Tagore’s poem (dared to translate here):

“...Need food, need life, need light, need fresh air,
Need strength, health, long life of joy and light,
An encouraged expanse. Oh Poet! In the realm of penury
At least bring a portrait of trust from heaven”.

Let’s work together to instill “a portrait of trust” in people’s mind.

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