Monday, April 23, 2007

Political Crisis in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is increasingly dominating the world media outlets as the military backed care taker government has taken dramatic steps to take off the leaders of the two largest political parties. This is a tactical operation that Caretaker Government has undertaken to worsen political anomaly in Bangladesh that will raise suspicion among the citizens about the inner motives of this three month old Caretaker Government and its military backer.

The Independent says, “Bangladesh's former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was yesterday blocked from boarding a flight home from London after the military-backed government barred her from returning”. International Herald Tribune says, Hasina had vowed to return to fight murder and corruption charges after the country's military-backed interim government moved last week to force her and former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia — who together have dominated Bangladeshi politics for the past 15 years — into exile. "This is my country, and I don't understand why they should stop me," Hasina told AP Television News, after being told by British Airways at London's Heathrow Airport on Sunday that she could not travel.

When Hasina was attempting to board the British Airlines, back in Bangladesh a court dramatically issued a warrant against her to arrest upon arrival. It has become the most amazing senseless joke of the military backed interim Government to issue a warrant when they are barring her even to enter into Bangladesh air space. Yet, Hasina has shown her utmost courage and dedication as the Washington Post reports, "I want to face the case," Hasina said. "This is totally fake, false. I didn't commit any murder, so it is absolutely (a) false case and that's why I'm going to face it." But the Government’s move is growing more suspicion among citizens of Bangladesh. The Guardian reports the political move of Awami League as it quotes, ``How can a free citizen be barred from coming home? We will challenge this in court,'' said Zillur Rahman, a senior Awami League leader. ``She is willing to come back to face the charges against her, but the government is barring her.''

BBC reports, “it becomes clear that the country has reached a crossroads. Go one way, and the road leads to cleaner politics with free elections and restoration of representative democracy. There is a broad acceptance of the military-backed government. But go the other way, and the country risks sliding back into the kind of military-led dictatorship which so blighted Bangladesh's politics and economy in the 1980s”. But the question is becoming clearer day by day, will democracy return in Bangladesh? Who is winning by playing all these childish crooked game?

The election reform could bring the political reform, rather the military backed government chose to plunge itself in political in fight. The question remains unanswered when we ask who will benefit from this political crisis. Obviously, it does not favor the current caretaker government for the long run. Listen to the BBC’s MP who has already questioned the motive of the current interim government and has committed herself to advance this issue in the British Government.

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