Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Incentives for Fighting Terrorism in Bangladesh

Graphic pictures of terrorist attacks in Chittagong and Gazipur -two cities of Bangladesh have muted our voice. Families are in pain. Whole Bangladesh is in the state of shock. The whole world is looking at us. Bangladesh is not Afghanistan and it will never be. Salam Dhaka provides the graphic account of the incident. The 3rd World View provides us a painful picture of today’s unfortunate incident:

“Wake up! Suicide bombing has arrived in Bangladesh. The militants have done it recently killing two judges. Today three people, including two suicide bombers and a policeman died when a bomb exploded during a scuffle near a police checkpoint near the main court in the port city of Chittagong. Another three died when a bomb was thrown inside a court library in Gazipur, north of capital Dhaka”.

Government has failed to show its sincerity in defeating the rise of militancy in Bangladesh. Their indolent, conspiracy based, politically calculative action plan to combat terrorism has simply failed to prevent and uproot the curse of this ever growing militancy. When a government minister says, “media coverage and full page headlines on militancy are responsible for instigating these criminals”, we have serious problem. When this Government blames, “international conspiracy” and claims “hands of foreign governments”, yet they can not single out one single foreign scheme to the general public, we invite tremendous problems. The ruling party’s so-called “conspiracy theory” has showered incentives for the terrorist miscreants; they simply aligned their spirit of militancy with Government’s claim.

“If you break it, you own it” is no longer a store sign to make you careful and responsible. This rule applies to the current government. This terrorist mess has been created by the ruling party and now they “own” it. "Conspiracy Theory" is the most revered expression of this government to frame religious militancy, not to attack militancy. They patronized “the Frankenstein” to choke opposition party. Now, it has simply and painfully backfired. Innocent citizens are paying for it with their lives. It was a dangerous game to pet the criminal “Bangla bhai” and his groups. A lot of criminals and innocents died in RAB’s cross fire action, why didn’t a single JMB leader die in crossfire?

Jihadi terrorist groups are not part of the Bangladeshi community. They don't and won't reflect the inner heart of the Bangladeshi people. When we urge you to stand up to fight militancy, extremism, injustice in Bangladesh, we don’t need any political leadership. On December 6, 1990, when Ershad’s military regime fell, it did not need political leaders, because people overwhelmingly took over the streets. I can assure you that Bangladesh will never become Afghanistan. Bangladesh will uniquely wake up much earlier than that. When the people rise, they don’t need any political leadership, rather they will shape the leadership. Defending this country and defeating terrorism altogether are no longer a partisan call...

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