Sunday, January 01, 2006

Top 20 News Items from Bangladesh for 2005

It is really interesting to find how a Bangladesh Daily has ranked the top 20 news items from Bangladesh for the year 2005. I've tried to apply the most appropriate news link to each item. So enjoy and think:
  1. The Most Discussed Story: A series of bomb attacks in Bangladesh
  2. The Most Discussed Guest: Bill Gates in Bangladesh
  3. The Most Discussed Raid: Raid against adulterated food
  4. The Most Discussed Killing: The Killing of Shaha AMS Kibria
  5. The Most Discussed Success: Bangladesh won cricket against Australia
  6. The Most Discussed Organization: Jamatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh (JMB)
  7. The Most Discussed Ruling: Rule against 5th Amendment in the Constitution
  8. The Most Discussed Person: Shaikh Abdur Rahman and Bangla Bhai
  9. The Most Discussed Corruption: Niko's Car Scandal
  10. Them Most Discussed Letter: Khaleda Zia's letter to Sheikh Hasina for dialog
  11. The Most discusseded Threat: "Talk carefully and within limit, if you threat we will bring sedition charge": Prime Minister to the Opposition Leader
  12. The Most Discussed Remark: "We're looking for shatruz" (enemies) State Minister for Home
  13. The Most Discussed Divorce: Divorce between Ershad and Bidisha
  14. The Most Discussed Parlaiment Member: Mr. Abu Hena (expelled from BNP)
  15. The Most Discussed Attack: Suicide Attack
  16. The Most Discussed Arrest: Arrest of matchmaker of Bangla Bhai
  17. The Most Discussed Pardon: Convicted BNP Leader Zintu's capital punishment
  18. The Most Discusssed Tribute: Prime Minister and more than a dozen of minister's flower wreath to a terrorist Sagir's body
  19. The Most Discussed Appointment: 150 BNP Student Leader's Appointment as Election Oficers
  20. The Most Discussed Competition: Star Search-Music Talent competition

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